Bivacco Menegazzi from Sarasín

Sarasìn - Domadóre - Malga Cavallera - Bivacco Menegazzi

Agordino,Cereda Pass

blizzard • 11/01/2024


04:00 hrs
8.9 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1158 m
Max. elevation
1737 m
Elevation gain
600 m
Elevation loss
600 m
Car park
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Morning hours are golden. We are accustomed to uttering this phrase to assert the fact that at dawn, after a long and conciliatory night’s sleep, our physique and mind are refreshed and able to perform much better than in the afternoon hours. However, with a touch of poetry and healthy parochialism, we like to think that this motto has a variant in its interpretation, and that it was coined by someone who, on a cold and clear winter morning, wanted to climb to Pian Lònch to watch the sun rise and dazzle with its reflections the southern range of the Pale di San Martino; a true golden treasure of nature.

From the conveniently placed public parking lot on the main road SP 347 in the hamlet of Sarasìn (1.160 m slm), belonging to the wider Municipality of Gosaldo and located on the border with the territory of the Community of Primiero, this winter walk proceeds by taking the asphalt road that climbs, following the street of Via Faustin, to the small hamlet of Faustìn. Continuing along the road, the route soon reaches the location of Domadore (1,326 m asl), where the itinerary abandons the road that would continue toward some rustic buildings, and takes the gravel road of the Signpost No. 720 to the right, following the signs toward Malga Cavallera / Bivacco Menegazzi / Rifugio Treviso – Canali. The track then continues up a wide gravel road to the picnic area, with table and benches, of Prà de la Forca (1,418 m asl). The trail proceeds by taking the path that turns to the left, leaves the road and, after a short stretch in the woods, comes directly onto the pastures of Malga Cavallera (1,679 m asl).

The Malga, owned by the Municipality of Gosaldo, was recently renovated and serves as a refuge with kitchen and 18 beds during the summer season. The view from here is truly enchanting: in front, the gaze sweeps over the group of Monti del Sole, the one of Cimonega and the summits of the Vette Feltrine mountain range; behind, on the other hand, the Dolomite peaks of Croda Granda, Sass d’Ortiga and Cima Oltro rise to the sky. 

Continuing upstream from the building, the itinerary veers to the right and in a little more than ten minutes reaches the pasture of Pian Lònch, where the Bivacco G. Menegazzi (1,737 m asl) stands, a small masonry structure with an inexpensive stove run by the ANA group of Gosaldo. Especially for ski mountaineering enthusiasts, it is recommended to return to the starting point by following the short but fun gravel road that, downstream from Malga Cavallera, descends again to Domadore, from where you can return comfortably to the start of the hike, at the Sarasìn parking lot.


  • From the parking lot by the hamlet of Sarasìn (1.160 m slm), climb along the street of Via Faustin until you reach the location of Domadore [0h 30],
  • From Domadore (1,326 m asl), proceed on the gravel road of the Signpost No. 720 toward Malga Cavallera / Bivacco Menegazzi / Rifugio Treviso – Canali, passing by the locality of Prà de la Forca (1,418 m asl) [1h 55], 
  • From the hut of Malga Cavallera (1,679 m asl), climb to Bivacco Menegazzi [2h 15],
  • From the shelter of Bivacco Menegazzi (1,737 m asl), descend along the gravel road connecting Malga Cavallera to Domadore downstream; then head back to Sarasìn [4h 00]. ✓

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