Trail of Frattili

Rifugio Caltena - Col Guión - Frattili - Rifugio Forestale - Val Giasinòzza

Pale Alte Chain,Upper Primiero

gian • 25/09/2022


02:45 hrs
8.3 km
A little
Min. elevation
1181 m
Max. elevation
1620 m
Elevation gain
510 m
Elevation loss
510 m
Car park
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This unusual and little-known hike runs immersed in the woods of the northern slopes of the characteristic Valley of Giasinòzza (or Asinòzza). The loop is suitable for all those who would like to get off the traditional tourist routes and immerse themselves in the unspoiled environment of what is certainly one of the least frequented valleys in all the Province of Trentino. Given the undergrowth made particularly slippery as the leaves fall, non-experts are advised to avoid this tour in the late autumn months.

From the restaurant of Rifugio Caltena (1,265 m asl), which can be easily reached by own means, located in the middle of the beautiful meadows of Sant’Antonio – which open up a splendid view to the S of the Dolomite range of Vette Feltrine – the route begins by ascending along the path of the Signpost No. 744 “Alessandro Miola”, toward the N. After skirting the hollow of the meadow, the path enters the forest and reaches the small crossroads at the fork called Sforzelìn de la Chegantàia (1,295 m asl). From here, the route proceeds to the right, towards E, still following the Signpost No. 744, beginning to climb steeper into the forest, following the natural line drawn by the southern nose of Col Guión. Once at the side of the summit of Col Guión (1,527 m asl), whose ridge has a couple of nice viewpoints over the Valley of Primiero and the nearby S face of Sasso Padella, the trail proceeds to the saddle named Sella Alta de la Val dei Pradi, where a dimly visible trail descends steeply, to the left, into the valley of Val Ombría. From here, the trail continues for just over a hundred meters (Signpost No. 744) until it reaches the next junction, easily recognizable by the presence, on the right, of a ridge of earth that serves as a natural (exposed) balcony over the Valley of Giasinozza. The itinerary abandons the main Signpost No. 744 and proceeds, to the right, following the “Selle dei Frattili” / Frattili Trail, marked by fluorescent pink bolts. The trail of Frattili tackles a series of ups and downs on sometimes slippery but never dangerous terrain, immersed in the silent forest of firs, larches and yews (some of them centuries old like the “Tasso delle Cogolate”) of Val Giasinozza. Sporadic windows open views of the majestic peaks of the Dolomites of Piz de Sagrón and the whole Cimónega Group. The trail gradually descends into the valley on the bottom of the so-called Val de le Scaoraie until it reaches the hut of Rifugio Forestale / Cascina Forestale (1,211 m asl), by the location of Cogolate.

From the hut, the route re-enters (after walking the short section of the access road to the hut) the gravel road of the Signpost No. 729 “Nico Scalet” towards SO, in the direction of Rifugio Caltena, on a relatively flat stretch on the orographic right of the Noana torrent, passing by some characteristic mountain huts and constantly offering beautiful windows on the range of Vette Feltrine. Just before reaching the paved road near Rifugio Caltena, it is possible to shorten the itinerary by abandoning the gravel road and climbing, to the right, on a clearly visible track that leads to a fountain and then back to the hut, passing a water intake.


  • From the restaurant of Rifugio Caltena (1,265 m asl), climb along the path of the Signpost No. 744 “Alessandro Miola” toward Croce Padella, passing the small fork of Sforzelìn de la Chegantàia (1,295 m asl) and the top of Col Guión [0h 40], 
  • From Col Guión (1,527 m asl), continue the ascent to the saddle named “Sella Alta de la Val dei Pradi” (poorly visible crossroads), then proceed for about 100 m to the next crossroads [0h 50], 
  • From the crossroads, leave the Signpost No. 744 and proceed, to the right, following the “Selle dei Frattili” / Frattili Trail, marked with fluorescent pink bolts towards Rifugio Forestale / Cascina Forestale [1h 45],
  • From the shelter of Rifugio Forestale (1,211 m asl), in the location of Cogolate, return following the flat gravel road of the Signpost No. 729 “Nico Scalet” towards SW, in the direction of Rifugio Caltena / Transacqua, heading back to Rifugio Caltena [2h 45]. ✓

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