Path of the Giant Firs

Casina Forestale di Valpiana - Val dei Ponti - Pozza dell'Orso - Malga Val di Stua di Sopra - Val Carbonere

Lower Primiero

gian • 30/07/2019


02:45 hrs
8.0 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1135 m
Max. elevation
1433 m
Elevation gain
490 m
Elevation loss
490 m
Car park
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The trail of “Sentiero degli Abeti Giganti” (tr. path of the giant firs) was developed between 2016 and 2018, thanks to the initiative of the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Nature Park. The goal of the trail is to promote Val Noana‘s forest heritage. Mainly belonging to the Municipality of Mezzano, The forest of Val Noana is simply beautiful, with its extraordinary and valuable flora, grown on an incredibly fertile soil, located at approximately 1,600 m asl. The soil fertility is due to the combination of two main factors: the area’s very frequent rainfalls and its melting limestone rock underneath the ground. With over 250,000 cubic meters of wood (from which approximately 3,500 are removed each year), the forest of Val Noana is mainly composed of silver fir, spruce and beech trees.

The trail offers two well-marked variants: a short one, of just over two kilometers (link here), and a long one. The hike proposed here is the long one. The path develops through the forest, standing at the bottom of the Vette Feltrine mountain chain, where it is almost impossible not to find peace and silence. During the walk, you will be surrounded by the impressive and centuries-old silver fir trees that, in many cases, are higher than 50 meters. Along the path, there are some panels and signs pointing at the characteristics of the place and its history. There are also many sightseeing points along the track, with stunning views of the Pale di San Martino, the Vette Feltrine and the Lagorai mountain range.

The trail starts from the mountain hut called “Casina Forestale” (1,135 m asl), in the location of Valpiana. Next to the hut, right at the start of the two variants of the loop, you will surprisingly find a nice sculpture by Giuseppe Zeni called “el Boschiér” (tr. the lumberjack), made by Giuseppe on what remained of an ancient fir tree. The walk proceeds slightly uphill through the forest, crossing the Valle Carbonère and then going up the ridge of the Col della Parrocchia. Straight after you will cross the Val dei Pònti, until getting in place called Pósa de l’Ors (tr. bear puddle), a small puddle of water in the middle of the forest, which in its name perhaps holds the presence of the bear in this forest (missing from the area of Primiero from the second half of XIX century).

Shortly after passing Pósa de l’Ors / Pozza dell’Orso, the hike continues climbing towards the hut called “Malga Val Stúa di Sopra“, also known as Malga Costón (1,412 m asl). The wide pasture of the Malga, standing at the bottom of Monte Pavione, is the highest and most panoramic point of the route (1,412 m asl). For the records, we must highlight that the trail main panoramic point is located just a few meters above the Malga, in the middle of the pasture. From the sightseeing point, you can enjoy a 360 degree panorama of the Pale di San Martino, Lagorai and Vette Feltrine, with the support of a panel showing the name of the main peaks.

From the hut, the walk continues downhill, crossing the gully of Boàl dei Canalíni and descending along the valley named Val dei Ponti, until it reaches a wide crossroads with the main gravel road “Piansignor – Pian de le Vederne”, near the shelter named Baracca Piansignór, where it follows the road to the right (along the Signpost No. 733) until it returns to the hut of Casiona Forestale of Valpiana.

The trail of “Sentiero degli Abeti Giganti” is suitable for all seasons, although it should be pointed out that, during the winter, if there is a lot of snow, we do not recommend it because it would simply be impossible to face.


  • From the hut called Casina Forestale in Valpiana (1,135 m asl), follow the signs indicating “Sentiero degli Abeti Giganti – anello lungo” (tr. path of the giant firs), through the Valley of Carbonère and Còl della Parròcchia hill, until reaching the hut called Malga Val Stúa di Sopra [1h 45],
  • From Malga Val de Stúa di Sopra / Malga Costón (1,412 m asl), after walking up to the sightseeing point (1,433 m asl), keep following the signs indicating “Sentiero degli Abeti Giganti” until the starting point, by the hut called Casina Forestale [2h 45]. ✓