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Imèr - Masi di Imèr - San Silvestro - Passo Gobbera - Solàn - Via Nova - Sant'Antonio

Lower Primiero,Lower Vanoi

gian • 23/07/2019


03:30 hrs
11.0 km
A little
Min. elevation
628 m
Max. elevation
1047 m
Elevation gain
590 m
Elevation loss
590 m
Car park
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This itinerary starts from Imèr and passes by the little church called San Silvestro. It is a walk discovering the southern end of the Primiero Valley.

It is basically impossible to avoid noticing, while approaching the Primiero Valley through the Schenèr main road, the characteristic little church perched on a steep cliff and visible already from the hamlet of Pontét .

The hike starts in the very center of the village of ​​Imèr where, following the pedestrian path adjacent to the main road, in a short time you arrive in the village of Masi di Imer. This extremely small village perfectly portrays the agricultural past of the valley. Once leaving the village, on the right hand side, take the Signpost No. 346 towards San Silvestro.

The initial stretch of the Signpost No. 346 develops on a wide track that, after about ten minutes, becomes a small path in the forest. Shortly, after passing a gully, a fairly steep climb begins with hairpin bends, surrounded by beech trees. The path will lead you directly to the small church. 

From the top of the cliff where the little church of San Silvestro stands, it is possible to have a complete overview over the towns of Mezzano and Imèr, the Schenèr valley and the pastures of the Gòbbera pass (Passo Gòbbera). The walk then proceeds towards Passo Gòbbera. From the church, in about twenty, you will easily get to the mountain pass (989 m asl).

At Passo Gòbbera, after crossing the main road connecting the valley of Primiero to Vanòi one, a paved ramp that leads to the pasture of Col dei Bètteghe (1,033 m asl) begins. Surrounded by beautiful meadows and with a nice view over Passo Gòbbera, Col dei Betteghe is the highest point of the route.

The hike continues along the path, which will shortly allow you to reach the pasture of Solàn Grant, characterized by its impressive isolated beech tree. From this point, following downhill the paved road for a few hundred meters, you will get at the crossroad that allows you to take the Signpost No. 357, also known as Via Nòva.

The path of Via Nòva historically connected the Gobbera Pass with Pieve, in the town of Fiera di Primiero. In the past, the path was used to bring raw materials to the Transacqua’s furnaces. While descending along the Via Nòva, the route passes in quick succession through the locations of Solàn, Maso Prá, Fasierne, and Coladina, until a path descending steeply toward Imèr appears on the right, passing through the locality of Casiei. The steep path leads to the shrine dedicated to St. Anthony, near the junction with the paved road of Signpost No. 378, which the itinerary follows downhill, leading directly in front of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, by the village of Imèr.


  • From the very center of the village of Imèr, head S towards Masi di Imèr (either by following the main asphalt road or on the path running parallel to the road of the Gòbbera Pass) [0h 25],
  • Once passed the entire village of Masi di Imèr, right before the junction with the main road, take the Signpost No. 346 towards San Silvestro [1h 35],
  • From the church of San Silvestro, keep following the Signpost No. 346 leading to Passo Gòbbera (989 m asl) [1h 55],
  • From Passo Gòbbera, after having crossed the main road, climb up to Còl dei Bètteghe (1,033 m asl) [2h 05],
  • From the pastures of Còl dei Bètteghe, keep following the path and, once getting on an asphalt road, turn on your right hand side and take the road until getting to the crossroads with the path of Via Nòva [3h 00],
  • Follow the Via Nòva (Signpost No. 357) for about 2.5 km and, once reached the hamlet of Casièi, head down to Imèr by simply following the signs [3h 30]. ✓