Trodo delle Malghe at Brocón

Malga Arpaco - Malga Valorsella - Malga Valarica di Sotto - Malga Valarica di Sopra

Brocon Pass

aaron • 03/10/2022


02:00 hrs
5.5 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1454 m
Max. elevation
1709 m
Elevation gain
260 m
Elevation loss
260 m
Car park
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This itinerary is a beautiful walk developing entirely in the territory of Cinte Tesino, among the woods and pastures on the S side of the Brocón Pass, at the foot of Mount Còppolo. The trail of “Trodo delle Malghe” retraces the tracks and roads used by shepherds throughout the last century, to bring their livestock to pasture. 

The route starts at the hut of Malga Arpaco (1,663 m asl), about 1 km (paved road) from the pass of Passo Brocón. From the meadows of Malga Arpaco, the itinerary heads first toward Agritur Malga Arpaco, about a hundred meters downstream, where it starts descending along the thematic trail of “Trodo delle Malghe”. The trail descends into the valley, first through pastures and then enters the forest, heading towards Malga Valorsella / Vallorsella. After passing a couple of hairpin bends that descend between some rock formations, the route continues into the forest with moderate slopes, reaching in about 1 km an open area, near the water source named Aqua de le Scaléte, a stream that disperses into the meadows of Malga Valorsella; following the meadows, the trail soon reaches the hut of Malga Vallorsella (1,465 m asl). 

From Malga Valorsella, the itinerary follows the road to the right that enters the forest heading S toward Malga Valarica di Sotto, where it gets after a short climb. Malga Valarica di Sotto (1,530 m asl), with its flat pasture and characteristic views of the overhanging Mount Còppolo and the distant Mount Pavione, also commemorates – with a plaque for the gold medal for military valor – the figure of Ancilla “Ora” Marighetto, the youngest of a group of seven partisans who remained in the mountains in the winter of 1944. The group hid in the valleys around the Brocón Pass and was caught on February 19, 1945, by a patrol led by the SS Captain Karl Julius Hegenbart. The partisans attempted to escape, but “Ora” was captured and interrogated by the commander and, upon his persistent silence, executed at Col del Toc.

From the pastures of the Malga, the trail of “Trodo delle Malghe”, always marked, continues towards the NO, in the direction of Malga Valarica di Sopra (1,703 m asl), which is reached after an uphill stretch in the woods, coming out into the wide meadows located above Passo Brocón. The stable and dairy of Malga Valarica di Sopra are disused from their traditional uses and nowadays dedicated to cultural and artistic events.

From here the route heads back to Malga Arpaco following the road, almost flat and then slightly downhill, first along the Signpost No. 822 and then (from the first crossroads) along the Signpost No. 393, in a last stretch of the hike that is amazing for the beauty of the panorama that offered by the pastures; the view extends from the nearby Còppolo to the Vette Feltrine, to the Cimonega Group, all the way to the Pala Group and over most of the Lagorai mountain range and the Cima d’Asta Massif.


  • From the hut of Malga Arpaco (1,663 m asl), walk toward Agritur Malga Arpaco, then descend along the thematic trail “Trodo delle Malghe” toward Malga Valorsella [0h 30],
  • From the hut of Malga Valorsella (1,465 m asl), follow the road to the right that enters the forest hading S toward Malga Valarica di Sotto [1h 00],
  • From the hut of Malga Valarica di Sotto (1,530 m asl), continue along the “Trodo delle Malghe” trail toward Malga Valarica di Sopra [1h 40],
  • From the hut of Malga Valarica di Sopra (1,703 m asl), continue on the road of the Signpost No. 822, then Signpost No. 393, heading back to Malga Arpaco [2h 00]. ✓