Malga Ces - Malga Valcigolèra

Lagorai,San Martino di Castrozza

gian • 08/10/2020


02:15 hrs
7.5 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1566 m
Max. elevation
1881 m
Elevation gain
390 m
Elevation loss
390 m
Car park
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This hike, also suitable for non-experienced hikers, is part of a wide list of routes for runners and hikers proposed by Malga Ces, all starting and arriving at the restaurant. Main feature of this route that passes by the hut of Malga Valcigolèra (together with Malga Crél and Malga Civertaghe, one of the best known mountain huts accessible by foot from the village of San Martino di Castrozza) is the unique atmosphere created by a mid-altitude forest heritage environment.

From the hut / restaurant of Malga Ces (1 670 m asl), the track begins slightly downhill along the path towards the village of San Martino di Castrozza. After crossing the grassy surface of the ski slope “Record”, the path continues on the side of the artificial lake where the stream of Rio Brentèla begins, entering – shortly after passing the lake – on the gravel road called “Strada Alta Ces”. The routes then develops along the gravel road, following the signs for San Martino di Castrozza, until it reaches a crossroads, where you take on the right, towards the west, another gravel road called “Strada Forestale Tognòla” (Signpost No. 368 “Valzanchéta”), until you reach the wooden bridge crossing the stream of Rio Valcigolèra. After crossing the bridge, the trail continues along the gravel road of the Signpost No. 368 towards Malga Valcigolèra on an uphill stretch, which becomes steeper before arriving at the hut. Alternatively, from the bridge, it is possible to reach Malga Valcigolèra also by following the beautiful path called “Sentiero Heidi”, certainly more beautiful than the gravel road.

Once by the hut of Malga Valcigolèra (1,884 m asl), located at the foot of the peak of Cima Valcigolèra and the northern peaks of the mountain range of Lagorai, looking at the Pala Group, the route continues following the signs for Malga Ces, in a slightly uphill stretch on a path that follows the ski lift “Costón”. The path takes you to the ridge, which from the summit of Punta Ces shapes the watershed between the valley of Rio Valcigolèra and the one where Malga Ces stands.

Once on the ridge, the itinerary continues downhill along the beautiful path called “Sentiero del Cervo”, immersed in the forest, which leads directly back to Malga Ces, after crossing again the ski slope “Record”.


  • From the restaurant of Malga Ces (1 670 m asl), descend along the path towards the small lake, then continue on the gravel road named “Strada Alta Ces” towards San Martino di Castrozza [0h 20],
  • At the crossroads, take the gravel road “Tognòla” on the right to the west (Signpost No. 368 “Valzanchéta”) towards Malga Valcigolèra [1h 10],
  • From the hut of Malga Valcigolèra (1,884 m asl), continue following the signs for Malga Ces, on a path which follows the the “Costón” ski lift [1h 30],
  • Continue downhill along the path called “Sentiero del Cervo” until heading back to Malga Ces [2h 15]. ✓