Rifugio dal Piaz from Vedèrne

Rifugio Vedèrna - Malga Monsampián - Rifugio Dal Piàz - Col di Luna - Monte Pavione

Lower Primiero,Vette Feltrine Range

gian • 24/06/2019


06:00 hrs
18.5 km
A little
Min. elevation
1324 m
Max. elevation
2334 m
Elevation gain
1150 m
Elevation loss
1150 m
Car park
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This hike starts from the hut of Rifugio Vedèrna and explores the southern slope of Monte Pavione, on the Dolomite range of Vette Feltrine.  It is possible to get to the Rifugio on foot from Imèr, climbing the old military mule track that leads to Prati Vedèrna, or by car along the gravel road of about ten kilometers that starts near the Schenèr dam, in the hamlet of Pontét, also in the territory of the Municipality of Imèr. The road is safely passable by car, but it is not tested. During the weekends of the summer months, it is also possible to drive towards Alpe Vedèrna from the village of Imèr, taking the driveway directly from Val Noana

Given the non-trivial mileage of the proposed hike, we recommend arriving by car at the starting point, otherwise the return from Alpe Vedèrna to Imèr after a day spent on the Vette Feltrine might seem endless and consequently erase the memory of a beautiful day in the mountains. In addition, given the lack of water sources throughout the itinerary, it is therefore recommended to refill with water at the start, at the numerous fountains on Alpe Vedèrna.

The trail starts from Rifugio Vederna (1,324 m asl), following the well-marked Signpost No. 736A through the forest toward Malga Agneròla, which allows you to quickly reach the Malga, avoiding the longer and more tedious gravel road leading to the hut. Once past Malga Agnerola (1,548 m asl), the trail continues in a decidedly more challenging stretch running initially through the forest and then along the meadows, while approaching the gap of Passo del Pavione. After a long uphill section featuring over 700 meters of elevation gain, the trail reaches Passo del Pavione / Sella Monsampian (2,050 m asl) where, after a mandatory stop to admire the beautiful landscape, it continues downhill along the path of the Signpost No. 817 toward Malga Monsampián (aka Malga Monsampiano), an old alpine hut in the territory of Sovramonte now used as a bivouac for workers. From Malga Monsampián (1,902 m asl) the hike proceeds through the spectacular environment offered by the Circhi delle Vette, hollows of glacial conformation on the S slope of the range of Vette Feltrine. It then continues along the wide, sunny, flat mule track of the Signpost No. 810, which in less than an hour reaches the hut of Rifugio Dal Piaz, passing through Busa di Cavaren and Val Caneva.

From Rifugio Dal Piaz (1,973 m asl) the view of the meadows and pastures located in the gully of Busa Delle Vette is incredible. From the hut, the hike proceeds ascending towards the NW on an aerial ridge that leads to the summit of Vette Grandi, and then slightly loses altitude and descends towards the fork of Sella delle Cavalláde (2,060 m asl). This downhill section is the last respite to the ridges of Col di Luna and Monte Pavione, which can be reached within an hour or so from the fork. The hike reaches its highest point on the summit of Monte Pavione (2,334 m asl), the summit of the Vette Feltrine range – the southernmost Dolomite group and a natural terrace towards the Venetian Plain – you can see all the villages of the Valley of Primiero in the distance, as well as admire the splendid Pala Group / Pale di San Martino to the N. From the summit, on clear days, stretching your gaze to the S, you can make out Venice all the way to the coast of Istria

The itinerary begins its descent back to Alpe Vedèrna following the Signpost No. 817, which crosses the beautiful grassy ridge – quite exposed – that connects the summit of Monte Pavione with that of Monsampiano (2,280 m asl) and then descends to Passo del Pavione (2,059 m asl). Once at Passo del Pavione, the route proceeds downhill along the Signpost No. 736 toward Malga Agneròla, following the first part of the itinerary backwards and then returning to Rifugio Vederna (1,324 m asl).


  • From the hut of Rifugio Vederna (1,324 m asl), ascend along the trail of the Signpost No. 736A toward Malga Agneròla [0h 45],
  • From the hut of Malga Agnerola (1,548 m asl), continue on the path of the Signpost No. 736 towards Passo del Pavione [2h 00],
  • From the gap of Passo del Pavione / Sella Monsampian (2,050 m asl), descend along the Signpost No. 817 toward Malga Monsampián [2h 20],
  • From Malga Monsampián (1,902 m asl), proceed on the mule track of the Signpost No. 810 until you reach Rifugio Dal Piaz [3h 20],
  • From the hut of Rifugio Dal Piaz (1,973 m asl), ascend towards the NW on the aerial ridge that leads first to the summit of Vette Grandi, then to the fork of Sella delle Cavalláde (2,060 m asl), to continue on the ridges of Col di Luna and Monte Pavione until reaching the summit of Monte Pavione [4h 30],
  • From the top of Monte Pavione (2,334 m asl), descend on the Signpost No. 817 to Passo del Pavione (2,059 m asl), then take the Signpost No. 736 downhill and return to the starting point at the hut of Rifugio Vederna [6h 00]. ✓