Imer - Mezzano - Camp - Costa - Coladina

Imèr – Mezzano – Camp – Costa – Coladìna


Location Imèr, Mezzano
Features Meadows, Architectures
Track Conditions Visible and widely on paved roads
Vertigo Level 0/5
Terrain (Forest) 50%
Terrain (Grass) 20%
Terrain (Rock) -
Terrain (Urban) 30%
Length 9.8 km
Duration 2h 15
Elev Gain 750 m
Elev Loss 750 m
Max Elevation 1 304 m
Min Elevation 639 m
Car Park 46.151153, 11.799271




This mid-altitude trail develops on the steep and sunny southern slope of Monte Bedolé (1,792 m asl). The summit, being the watershed between the valleys of Primiero and Lòzen, rises over the villages of Mezzano and Imèr. Although the slope being steep and not particularly beautiful, if compared to other corners of Primiero, it has the advantage of being extremely sunny (with the opportunity to take a walk also during the winter season) and to offer its visitors interesting views of the valley and the surrounding mountains, as well as typical and rural architectures.

The route begins in the center of the little town of Imèr, by the town hall, near the bridge over the stream of Rio San Pietro. For the sake of completeness, given the fact that the trail forms a loop, it is possible to carry out the itinerary also starting from the town of Mezzano and / or in the opposite direction to that described.

From Imèr, the route heads towards the village of Mezzano by following the main road (SS 50), which leads to the central square of Mezzano, where the hike takes Via Don Luigi Bonat to the left, uphill heading north. The road crosses the beautiful village with its “canzèi” (tr. stacks of wood), revisited in an artistic key in a permanent exhibition. As the climb leaves the inhabited center behind, you soon reach a crossroads located at the edge of the town, where you proceed by turning left, on the paved road towards the location of Camp. The climb, sometimes steep, offers a beautiful view over the village of Mezzano and the mountain range of Vette Feltrine, often opening up further glimpses over the Dolomite groups of Cimonega and Pale di San Martino.

After crossing the intersection with the path of Via Nòva, once past the hamlets of Pradét and Segnàna (1,000 m asl), at the next hairpin bend, the route takes the gravel road named Strada Forestale Larghe to the right towards Dismóni. After a stretch of about half a kilometer, by the location of Val de Stòna, the gravel road meets the path of the Signpost No. 379, which climbs up from Molaren. At the intersection, the route follows the Signpost No. 379 uphill towards the hamlets of Colalti (1,233 m asl) and Camp, which can be reached in just a few minutes. From the meadows of Camp, the sight opens broad again.

From Camp, the track initially continues along an uphill stretch through the meadows, until it reaches the intersection with the Signpost No. 358, climbing from the village Mezzano. At the intersection, the itinerary continues along the flat gravel road heading west (Strada Forestale Buscapiana), until it meets the path (Signpost No. 378) that descends from the summit of Cima Redasega (1,491 m asl) and from the shrine named Capitello di Sant’Antonio. The trail heads back to Imèr by simply following downhill the Signpost No. 378, descending mainly into the forest, crossing numerous hamlets and meadows with panoramic sights (Costa dei Péti, Coste, Coladìna), until getting by the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, in the village of Imèr.




  • From the village of Imèr (670 m asl), take the main road SS 50 until reaching the center of Mezzano,
  • From the village of Mezzano (640 m asl), ascend along Via Don Luigi Bonat, then turn left on the road towards Camp (Via Camp),
  • After passing the meadows of Segnàna (1,000 m asl), take the gravel road (Larghe) to the right, heading north east, towards Dismóni; follow it for about half a kilometer and then go up along the Signpost No. 379 towards Camp,
  • From the location of Camp, continue along the gravel road to the west (Buscapiana) until reaching the intersection with the Signpost No. 378,
  • Go down along the Signpost No. 378 until getting back to Imèr. ✓