Lago Pisorno

Calaita – Cima Fólga – Cima Grùgola – Lago Pisórno


Location Val Lozen, Lagorai
Features Lagorai, Pale di San Martino
Track Condition Generally well marked
Vertigo Level 3/5
Ground (Forest) 40%
Ground (Grass) 50%
Ground (Rock) 10%
Ground (Urban) -
Lenght 10.8 km
Duration 4h 30
Elev Gain 865 m
Elev Loss 865 m
Max Elevation 2 436 m
Min Elevation 1 595 m
Car Park 46.201389, 11.792306



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This classic hike starts from the location of Calaita, by the lake of Calaita (Lago di Calaita), located in the eastern corner of the Lagorai mountain range, in the upper valley of Lòzen. The first part of the itinerary develops in the forest by initially following the gravel road of the Signpost No. 347 towards the west. The gravel road starts directly aside from the access road to the lake of Calaita, a few hundred meters before reaching the lake. After having traveled a pleasant flat stretch and having passed a crossroads – always keeping the gravel road – you will come across a second crossroads, from where a path that climbs towards Malga Grùgola (Signpost No. 358) starts, on the right hand side, heading west.

Once reached the hut of Malga Grùgola (1,782 m asl), the Signpost No. 358 continues climbing along the valley of Grùgola, shaped out by the stream of Grùgola. During the ascent of the Grùgola Valley, which leads to the gap of Forcella Fólga, the sight opens up and the vegetation becomes less dense, allowing you to enter the magical landscape offered by Lagorai, with a remarkable view of the valley and the mountains nearby. Shortly after crossing the southern slope of the little hill called Col Móngo (2,146 m asl), you reach the mountain gap of Forcella Fólga (2,195 m asl). From the gap, the route leaves the main path and heads north along the small path that leads to the top of Cima Fólga. The path, which at times is not perfectly marked, follows the ridge and then climbs up the grassy slopes of Cima Fólga; the terrain is not technically demanding and you can easily reach the summit by climbing on the grassy terrain. Once you get on the top of Cima Fólga (2,436 m asl), you will be enchanted by one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the whole Lagorai, with a landscape that also includes all the peaks of the mountain range of Vette Feltrine and the Dolomites of the Pale di San Martino.

From Cima Fólga, the hike continues along the ridge (with some small technical passages) that connects the peaks of Fólga and Grùgola, north-east towards Cima Grùgola (2,405 m asl). From the summit of Cima Grùgola the route quickly descends to the gap of Forcella Grùgola, from where it continues along the path of the Signpost No. 347 coming from Forcella Fólga. The itinerary proceeds downhill along the Signpost No. 347, to the north, returning towards the lake of Calaita.

While heading back to the lake of Calaita, it is possible to make a short detour, marked with signs after a couple of bends, which allows you to reach the lake called Lago Pisórno (2,227 m asl), a very nice lake nestled between the black cliffs of the peak of Cima d’Arzon. The story tells that the lake of Pisórno, a small but deep high altitude lake, is inhabited by witches and evil spirits; it is said that if someone throws stones into it or disturbs the waters, the spirits will soon after cause a storm to happen.

The route finally descends along the Signpost No. 347; after passing the Malga Dòch Aqueducts and following the course of the impetuous stream named Torrente Lòzen, it returns to the lake of Calaita (1,604 m asl).




  • From the lake of Calaita (1,604 m asl), follow the gravel road of the Signpost No. 347 heading west, until reaching the crossroads with the path of the Signpost No. 358 towards Malga Grùgola,
  • Ascend along the Signpost No. 358 up to Forcella Fólga, passing by the hut of Malga Grùgola (1,782 m asl),
  • From the gap of Forcella Fólga (2,195 m asl), leave the Signpost No. 358, in order to follow the track towards the top of Cima Fólga,
  • From the summit of Cima Fólga (2,436 m asl), proceed along the ridge towards Cima Grùgola,
  • From the top of Cima Grùgola (2.405 m asl), descend to the gap of Forcella Grùgola, then proceed on the Signpost No. 347 towards Lago di Calaita,
  • [VARIANT] Ascend to the lake called Lago Pisórno (2,227 m asl),
  • Head back to the starting point, by the lake of Calaita. ✓