vista dalla forcella d'oltro

Malga Canali – Trói dei Todéschi – Cima Regàde – Forcella dell’Óltro – Rifugio Treviso


Location Val Canali
Features Forest, Dolomites, Pale di San Martino
Track Condition Well marked, in the beginning of the path of Regade follow the red marks
Vertigo Level 4/5
Terrain (Forest) 40%
Terrain (Grass) 40%
Terrain (Rock) 20%
Terrain (Urban) -
Length 11.6 km
Duration 6 h
Elev Gain 1 336 m
Elev Loss 1 336 m
Max Elevation 2 245 m
Min Elevation 1 300 m
Car Park 46.224278, 11.891306




This hike crosses the extreme south-west part of the Dolomites group of the Pale di San Martino, developing around the mountain ridge of Cima d’Oltro, Le Rocchette and Feltraio.

The route starts in the proximity of the hut of Malga Canali (1,307 m a.s.l.). From the end of the asphalt road that leads to the hut, the trail starts by taking the gravel road towards Rifugio Treviso. After about a kilometer of easy walking on the gravel road, cross the wooden bridge over the Canali’s river, on the right hand side. After crossing the bridge, the path named Trói dei Todéschi (tr. the path of the Germans) starts. The path climbs up in the shades of the forest and leads to the location called Campigol dell’Óltro. The trail ends at the intersection with the Signpost No. 718 (Alta Via No. 2), which from the hut of Rifugio Treviso leads directly towards the mountain gap called Forcella d’Óltro.

As the forest is left behind, the route begins to become decidedly more rugged. This part is surely the most difficult and at the same time the less known stretch of the itinerary. Just follow the signs indicating the direction to the Passo delle Regàde. A fairly unstable scree, followed by path that is sometimes exposed, will lead you directly to the pass. Before descending, we recommend climbing the summit, not far from the path, at 2,245 mt of altitude. After following for about ten minutes the easy ridge, you will find a cross on the top of the mountain and you will be rewarded by one of the best sights of the Valle di Primiero.

Back at the pass, walk down following clear tracks to the east until you meet again the Signpost No. 718 coming from the Forcella dell’Óltro. From this side of the ridge, both the path and the landscape change considerably if compared to the stretch on the other side. The trail continues descending a long stretch, which includes meadows and sometimes rocks, where the landscape over Passo Cereda and the small towns of the Valle del Mis is stunning. To return to the Val Canali side, on the way back, continue towards the gap of Forcella d’Óltro (2,094 m a.s.l.). Just about twenty minutes should be enough to reach the gap, since during the long stretch not much elevation has been lost. From the gap, the track descends first through a steep gully and then along an easier path that will take you back to the location of Campigol dell’Óltro. Continue by following the Signpost No. 718 which, without further gradients, leads to the hut of Rifugio Treviso (1,631 m a.s.l.). From the hut, clear indications will let you easily return to the starting point by Malga Canali.

Length and elevation shift of this loop are not prohibitive. However, given the scarce popularity of the places touched during the hike and the presence of some exposed and unprotected stretches towards the Regàde, we suggest this route only to expert hikers.




  • From Malga Canali (1,307 m a.s.l.), follow the Signpost No. 707 towards Rifugio Treviso,
  • At the bridge on the Canali stream, take the Signpost No. 718B “Troi dei Todechi” until Campigol dell’Óltro,
  • Keep following the Signpost No. 718 towards the mountain gap called Forcella dell’Óltro, then, at the crossroads, leave the Signpost No. 718 and follow the signs of the path called “Sentiero delle Regàde”,
  • After crossing the pass, keep following the path until getting to the Signpost No. 718,
  • Keep following the Signpost No. 718 towards the mountain gap of Forcella dell’Óltro (2,094 m a.s.l.),
  • From the mountain gap, descend passing by the Campígol dell’Óltro towards the hut of Rifugio Treviso,
  • From Rifugio Treviso (1,631 m a.s.l.), descend back to Malga Canali. ✓


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Regade-Oltro-Rifugio Treviso   


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Regade-Oltro-Rifugio Treviso