Laghi di Colbricon

Malga Rolle – Laghetti di Colbricón


Location Passo Rolle
Features Lakes, Lagorai
Track Condition On wide paths, well marked
Vertigo Level 0/5
Terrain (Forest) 80%
Terrain (Grass) 20%
Terrain (Rock) -
Terrain (Urban) -
Length 4.5 km
Duration 1h 15
Elev Gain 150 m
Elev Loss 150 m
Max Elevation 1 961 m
Min Elevation 1 871 m
Parcheggio Macchina 46.295863, 11.775991



It is probably an understatement to define this pleasant walk as a classic. The route that goes from the hut of Malga Rolle, the most convenient access point, to the lakes of Colbricón is certainly one of the most popular routes in Primiero, across all seasons. In times of easy photography, the lakes, which are located in the far west of the Lagorai mountain range, are undoubtedly falling into the broad category of the most photographed places across the Alps.

The walk starts from Malga Rolle (1,904 m asl), with a nice view of the peak of Cimon della Pala. From the hut, take the wide path marked as Signpost No. 348 which, after descending to Busa Ferrari, a small depression located a few hundred meters from the hut, continues with an easy up and down way to the Colbricón lakes, located at around 1,920 meters of altitude.

Along the path, which develops entirely by the edge of the famous Paneveggio forest, it is possible to have sights of the peak of Cima Tognazza (2,207 m asl) to the east and the wide basin of Paneveggio and Val Travignolo to the west. Halfway, the path crosses the stream that descends from the lake of Cavallazza and flows into the valley merging into the stream called Rio di Colbricón.

Some clearings anticipate the thinning out of the vegetation that precedes the entrance to the basin where the lakes of Colbricón and their hut (Rifugio Laghi di Colbricón – 1,927 m asl), which stands by the edge of the upper lake. The view from the lakes ranges from the wide valley of the forest of Paneveggio with the pasture of Malga Colbricón (1,838 m asl) and the peak of Cima Bocche (2,745 m asl) in the background, to the peaks of Cavallazza (2,322 m asl) and Cavallazza Piccola (2,303 m asl) to the east, to those of Colbricón (2,602 m asl) and Colbricón Piccolo (2,509 m asl) to the west.




  • From the hamlet of Malga Rolle (1,904 m asl), follow the Signpost No. 348 towards the Laghi di Colbricón, until you arrive at the hut named as Rifugio Laghi di Colbricón,
  • From Rifugio Laghi di Colbricón (1,927 m asl), head back along the same path (Signpost No. 348) to Malga Rolle. ✓




  • The small lakes called Laghetti di Colbricón (also known as Laghi  di Colbricón) are two cute alpine lakes at 1,909 and 1,922 mt. of altitude.
  • On June 18, 1971, during a day of fishing at the Colbricón lake, Gian Luigi Secco from San Martino di Castrozza found a strange stone by the water stream feeding the largest lake. The stone, a flint apparently worked by human hands, was examined with Luigi’s uncle. At first, the two thought it was a random discovery. However, later they made another inspection by the lakes. At the end, 57 worked flints were found around the Colbricón lake. The worked stones date back to 6.500 BC, when Mesolithic hunters set up summer camps located in one of the most interesting high-altitude gap of the eastern part of the Lagorai mountain range, namely the Passo di Colbricón.