Rio Juribrutto

Malga Valàzza – Lastè di Juribrutto – Lago di Juribrutto – Malga Juribrutto


Location Passo Valles
Features Pastures, range of Cima Bocche
Track Condition Well marked, but keep an extra eye on the path while crossing the pastures
Vertigo Level 0/5
Terrain (Forest) 40%
Terrain (Grass) 60%
Terrain (Rock) -
Terrain (Urban) -
Length 6.5 km
Duration 3h 15
Elev Gain 474 m
Elev Loss 474 m
Max Elevation 2 324 m
Min Elevation 1 912 m
Car Park 46.341180, 11.790738





This short and simple hike develops on a fairly remote corner of the territory of Primiero, closed to Passo Valles. Valàzza and Juribrutto, with their pastures and pine trees, are pleasant and usually extremely quiet locations, surrounded by a landscape stretching from the Dolomites of Pale di San Martino and the beautiful Val Venegia, extending over the Lagorai range on the south, up until the distant range of Vette Feltrine. Both the presence of small ponds near the highest point of this hike (2,323 m a.s.l.) and the one of the lake of Juribrutto (Lago di Juribrutto) with its peninsula, gives some extra spice to this loop on the porphyry of Cima Bocche’s mountain range.

The track starts from the hut named Malga Valàzza (1,935 m a.s.l.), located on the road towards Passo Valles. The first part of the loop includes the comfortable climb along the mule track of the Signpost No. 631, that leads to the so called Lastè di Juribrutto.

Once the gap and highest point is crossed, at 2,323 meters of altitude, the path continues slightly downhill, passing through wide pastures and reaching a couple of small ponds. By the left side (i.e. towards the south) of the small ponds, it is possible to discover some remains and trenches belonging to an outpost of the Great War. The location of the trenches offers a beautiful sight on the Pale di San Martino, with a major role played by the peak of Monte Mùlaz (2,906 m a.s.l.), as well as the northern part of the range of Lagorai.

From this point, the trail continues along Signpost No. 631, until the lake of Juribrutto (2,206 m a.s.l.). The lake, set on the side of Val Juribrutto, is about 200 m wide, but the presence of a small peninsula makes it a little bit unique. Truly, a little paradise.

From Lago di Juribrutto, the walk continues by following the Signpost No. 629, along with the stream of Rio Juribrutto towards the hut of Malga Juribrutto. Located on the opposite side comparing the hut of Malga Juribello (which owns a very wide pasture on a definitely better location), it is unclear the reason why the hut was called this way (tr. the ugly one). Most likely, the name comes from the fact that the pastures around the hut were historically not particularly rich.

From Malga Juribrutto (1,912 m a.s.l.), the last stretch of the route follows the Signpost No. 623, which proceeds on an easy climb through the forest that leads directly to the starting point, at Malga Valàzza.




  • From the hut of Malga Valàzza (1,935 m a.s.l.), ascend through the Signpost No. 631 towards Lago di Juribrutto until the place called Lastè di Juribrutto,
  • From the gap (2,323 m a.s.l.), keep following the mule track of the Signpost No. 631 until reaching the lake of Juribrutto,
  • From the lake of Juribrutto (2,206 m a.s.l.), follow the Signpost No. 629 towards the hut of Malga Juribrutto,
  • From Malga Juribrutto (1,912 m a.s.l.), follow the Signpost No. 623 leading slightly uphill towards the starting point, by Malga Valàzza. ✓




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