Maso Raris – Forcella Calaita – Lago di Calaita



Location Valmesta, Calaita, Lòzen
Features Forest, pastures, lake
Track Conditions Well marked, mix between tracks, main paths and gravel roads
Vertigo Level 1/5
Terrain (Forest) 70%
Terrain (Grass) 30%
Terrain (Rock) -
Terrain (Urban) -
Length 5.3 km
Duration 2h 30 (one way)
Elev Gain 550 m
Elev Loss 20 m
Max Elevation 1 659 m
Min Elevation 1 154 m
Car Park 46.226382, 11.806502




Without a doubt, the lake of Calaita is one of the most picturesque corners in the whole Province of Trentino and in general in the whole area of the Eastern Alps. Located on the north-western side of the porphyritic mountain range of Lagorai, the lake overlooks the valley of Lòzen downstream, while offering upstream a really remarkable window that directly over the Dolomites of the Pala Group. The naturalistic environment offered by this beautiful spot, surrounded by the thick fir forests of the green valley of Lòzen, is simply amazing.

The itinerary that leads from Maso Raris to the lake of Calaita is just over 5 kilometers long and is suitable for all those who have the strength to face the ascent that leads to the saddle that precedes the basin where the lake stands, with its elevation shift of about 500 m.

From Maso Raris (1,154 m asl), leave the Maso ground at the end of the upper parking lot and cut across under the forest. After 50 m you will reach a grass field with the neighboring houses visible looking down, on your right. Keep going at the same altitude until the end of the grass field, then continue uphill in the forest. After a first stretch of 150 m between the trees, you get in front of a short but steep slope, which you climb up while keeping the same direction. Once up the slope, you will see on the right a white house with a so-called Vivaio Forestale (tr. forest nursery) next to it. Once reached the Vivaio Forestale (1,220 m asl), you continue going up towards W along the trail of the Signpost No. 359 towards Pian del Tèrmen / Malga Crél / San Martino di Castrozza. The track, sometimes steep but always wide and well marked, goes up the eastern slopes of Mount Bedolé leading to the crossroads in the location of Pian del Tèrmen (1,400 m asl).

From the crossroads, proceed on the track that starts in front of you and goes up the meadow entering the forest, following the signs towards Malga Scanaiòl / Cima Tognazza / Lago di Calaita. The track leads to the junction with the gravel road of the Signpost No. 350, which you take to the left heading S towards Lago di Calaita. After a flat stretch that crosses the valley of the stream named Rio del Diavolo (1,558 m asl), the path becomes more challenging and starts climbing again, first leading to the crossroads with the mule track that leads to the hut of Malga Scanaiòl (1,626 m asl) and then to the fork of Forcella Calaita ( 1,659 m asl), located on the watershed between the Lòzen and Primiero valleys.

After crossing the fork, continue downhill along the old cobbled mule track that leaves the forest behind while entering the grazing environment of the suggestive basin where lake of Calaita stands, from which you can admire the Pale di San Martino behind you and the lake, the nearby hut of Rifugio Miralago Calaita and the entire valley of the stream of Lòzen right in front of you.