Val de la Vecia

Maso Raris – Malga Civertaghe – Val de la Vècia



Location Valmesta, Piana di Sirór, Val de la Vecia, Civertaghe
Features Bosco, prati
Track Conditions Well marked, on main tracks
Vertigo Level 1/5
Terrain (Forest) 80%
Terrain (Grass) 20%
Terrain (Rock) -
Terrain (Urban) -
Length 12.4 km
Duration 4h
Elev Gain 750 m
Elev Loss 750 m
Max Elevation 1 375 m
Min Elevation 920 m
Car Park 46.226382, 11.806502




The hut of Malga Civertaghe, located on a large pasture at the foot of the Pala Group, between the valley floor of Primiero and the village of San Martino di Castrozza, is one of the traditional hiking destinations starting from San Martino. Thanks to the large pasture where the hut stands, the view allows you to admire the imposing south-western peaks of the Dolomites of the Pala Group, from a very closed angle. The path that leads from Maso Raris to Malga Civertaghe is a route that initially descends the valley of Cismón on the slopes of Mount Bedolé, for then climbing it on the opposite side, going up the southern shore of the Val di Ròda, along a historic mule track immersed in the forest.

From Maso Raris (1,154 m asl), head slightly downhill towards the nearby houses, heading E; after 50 m, once you have reached the houses, walk the further 50 m along the gravel road descending to the main road SS 50 of Passo Rolle, near the bus stop of Valmesta (1,126 m asl). Once by the main road, you follow it uphill for about a hundred meters, until you reach the crossroads with the path of the Signpost No. 359, which starts on the right towards Piana / Sirór. The very first part of the descent proceeds pleasantly along the eastern borders of the meadows of Valmesta, on the cobbled track; once you leave the meadows behind you, the path begins to descend steeply towards the bed of the Cismón torrent, in a stretch that might feature some slippery sections in mid-seasons, where it is needed to be careful. After crossing the stream of Rio Valmesta, the steep descent leads to the green meadows of the location called Piana di Sirór, laying between the village of Sirór and the hydroelectric plant of Zivertaghe, where the slope becomes gentler and where the path joins a gravel road that runs alongside the Cismón stream. After crossing the bridge called Pont del Fritz (927 m asl), you will soon reach the junction with the San Martino di CastrozzaSirór cycle path. 

From the crossroads, instead of proceeding along the main road that leads to the nearby “Zivertaghe” power plant – the route takes the path of the Signpost No. 717 to the right towards the east. The Signpost No. 717 is an historic path with paved sections that climbs steeply but steadily in the woods towards Malga Civertaghe, featuring perhaps the most fascinating section – certainly the most silent – of the itinerary. The path quickly climbs the slope west of the meadows of Prati Rónzi, then intersects the remains of a gravel road and continues, keeping the direction, until it passes a valley. After going around a wooded slope, the path slightly loses altitude and enters a marshy area, for then regains altitude until it comes out in the small meadow of Ronz dei Paléti. After that, at the crossroads with the Signpost No. 745 by the location of Bellestraie, the itinerary continues to the left, entering the impluvium of Val de la Vècia. After passing the water spring and the stream, the trail then continues along a partially paved road. Once out on the edge of the pasture of Malga Civertaghe, after having surrounded the artificial basin of Civertaghe and reached the intersection with the Signpost No. 713, located just a few meters from the hut, the route arrives at Malga Civertaghe (1,375 m asl).

After leaving the hut, the trail runs downhill on the paved road “dei Camòi” (main road connecting Malga Civertaghe); once having left the pasture behind you, when you reach the bridge over the Val di Ròda stream, the route descends towards the south, along the cycle – pedestrian road that connects San Martino di Castrozza with Siror. At the height of Val de la Vècia, just above the Zivertàghe power plant, you reach the rope bridge. The bridge, designed with six supporting ropes and inaugurated in July 2020, is 58 m long and reaches a height of 23 m. After crossing the bridge, a few steep hairpin bends are faced in succession. The slope starts becoming light again while approaching the bed of the Cismón stream, where you reach (once again) the crossroads by Pont del Friz. From the bridge, the route simply climbs – backwards – the first stretch of its way of ascent, along the Signpost No. 359 which leads directly to the hamlet of Valmesta and therefore to Maso Raris.