Welcome to the spectacular Dolomites of the Pala Group, part of  UNESCO World Heritage. Maso Raris and Primiero Hiking have selected for you two sets of itineraries*; the first includes trails starting directly from the Maso, while the second features treks in the wider Pala Group area.

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'Boots-on, boots-off' trails

Pala Group trails

Pala Group snowshoes

Suggested eats

Fine Cuisine, Dolomites style cuisine and decor

  • RISTORANTE DA ANITA (San Martino di Castrozza) ~ top end fine Dolomites style cuisine, walking distance from the village (link). 
  • AGRITUR MASO SANTA ROMINA (Valley of Vanoi) ~ gourmet mountain cuisine in a very cozy chalet (link).
  • HOTEL CASTEL PIETRA (Fiera di Primiero) ~ a la carte menu for an elegant gourmet restaurant (link).
  • MALGA CES (San Martino di Castrozza) ~ traditional cuisine just few kilometers far from the village (link).
  • RISTORANTE OSTERIA PAN E VIN (Fiera di Primiero) ~ a la carte menu with mixed specialities from central Italy (link).


Local Trattorias, local cuisine, rustic and laid back atmosphere

  • AGRITUR LE VALE (Fiera di Primiero) ~ indoor and outdoor seating with sunbathing chairs, genuine homey food, in the forest above the Valley of Primiero (link).
  • AGRITUR DALAIP DEI PAPE (Canali Valley) ~ local cuisine and ambience with a large playground for kids (link).
  • BAR RISTORANTE AL PRA’ (Fiera di Primiero) ~ home cooking in a rustic ambience with great views of the Valley of Primiero (link).
  • CANT DEL GAL (Canali Valley) ~ local cuisine in a rustic restaurant ambience (link).
  • RIFUGIO CAPANNA CERVINO (Passo Rolle) ~ local products, closed to the Dolomites peaks (link).
  • MALGA ROLLE (Passo Rolle) ~ local cuisine and products in a rustic but cozy atmosphere (link).
  • MALGA CANALI (Canali Valley) ~ cute and cozy atmosphere, traditional cuisine (link).


Beer, Pizza and more

  • DREI TANNEN (San Martino di Castrozza) ~ Dolomites style and pizza in a relaxing atmosphere (link).
  • PROSECCHERIA LA MONTANARA (San Martino di Castrozza) ~ extensive list of Prosecco and wines in a beautiful newly decorated outdoor terrace (link).
  • LANTERNA VERDE (Fiera di Primiero) ~ big outlet with facilities, local cuisine and pizza (link).
  • RANCH BAR (San Martino di Castrozza) ~ American cowboy style pub with good beer and snacks (link).



  • COOP (multiple locations) ~ good cheese and cold cuts desk
  • MINI MARKET DI TAUFER SILVIO (San Martino di Castrozza) ~ good meat desk (link). 
  • PASTICCERIA SIMION (San Martino di Castrozza, Fiera di Primiero) ~  super yummy desserts local style (link). 
  • MACELLERIA BAGGETTO (Fiera di Primiero) ~ meat and more, worthy to wait your turn (link).
  • CASEIFICIO PRIMIERO (Fiera di Primiero) ~ factory of cheese made with local milk only. Good value, often crowded (link).
  • CANTINA CESARI (Fiera di Primiero) ~ well assorted wine and beer shop with regional wines and spirits (link).
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