Mezzano Romantica


Location Mezzano
Features Village
Track Condition Urban
Vertigo Level 0/5
Ground (Forest) -
Ground (Grass) -
Ground (Rock) -
Ground (Urban) 100%
Lenght 1 km
Duration -
Elev Gain 30m
Elev Loss 30m
Max Elevation 660m
Min Elevation 630m
Car Park 46.154806, 11.807167





About 300 villages with less than 15.000 inhabitants are listed in the special ranking of the club I Borghi piú belli d’Italia (tr. the most beautiful villages of Italy). The village of Mezzáno is one of them. The fact that Mezzano actually is one of the top 300 most beautiful towns in Italy is rather hard to prove, but what we can say is that it is definitely one of the most picturesque villages in the region of Trentino.

The loop is a well known touristic walk through the cánisèle (tr. narrow streets) of Mezzano. The walk is integrated to what can somehow be described as a museum under the sky developing four main themes:

  1. catáste&canzèi (tr. something like piles/stacks of wood): along the suggested walk, a visitor will notice that several artists have found a way to transform the traditional stacks of woods people were used to pile up before the Winter season into interesting artworks;
  2. òrti (tr. gardens);
  3. àcqua (tr. water): typical hexagonal fountains lie around. Yet, the most intriguing part of the water theme is definitely the presence of the stóli (tr. holes). Stóli were used for water provisioning and they are basically small tunnels with water inside;
  4. architettura (tr. architecture): several traditional houses can be seen while walking in Mezzano. Among them we highlight the following:
    • Casa degli Usseri, probably built by a wealthy Hungarian man who was used to own the majority of the fields belonging to Mezzano,
    • Canton Grisón and Tabernacolo di San Giorgio (tr. Tabernacle of San Giorgio, protector of Mezzano),
    • Casa Còsner and its traditional water fountain,
    • Casa Lotti,
    • Case brusade.

The suggested loop is more or less the first variant of the touristic walk. Since additional artworks are constantly added and the loop could be slightly altered accordingly, we suggest to check the official website.


About Mezzano


The name of Mezzano is probably coming from the fact that the town is situated in the middle of Primiero Valley. Architecturally-wise, one of the most interesting things about the village is that through the years it has preserved a really good balance between the simplicity of a traditional alpine village and a modern touristic place. Authenticity is probably the word highlighting the most what the village of Mezzano represents.


Fun Facts


  • The residents of Mezzano are known as particularly introvert people having a life style like it was 30 years ago
  • Every year, on the third weekend of July, Mezzano’s patron (i.e. Madonna del Carmine) is celebrated, with a traditional donkey race, where each donkey represents a municipality of Primiero and it is named as the current major of it.


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