Church of San Silvestro

San Silvestro
  • Certainly, the presence of the ancient church right at the entrance of the Primiero Valley, on the steep cliff of Mount Totoga, claims its roots in history and legend. The small church of San Silvestro (named after Pope Sylvester) was built in the 13th century. The church opens on May 1st, December 31st and on Easter Monday. It has always been a symbolic place for both Primiero and Vanoi valley’s identity.
  • The story says that the place that was originally chosen for the construction of the church was much further downstream, next to the location of Masi (Imèr). The construction materials were left at that point, but the following day the builders found all the materials magically brought much higher (where the church sits today). After some attempts to bring the materials back to where the project was initially planned, the story continued in repeating itself, thus convincing the inhabitants of the presence of a divine will, indicating the correct place for the church.
  • In the XVII century, it is reported the presence of a hermit, Cristoforo Segatta of Vigolo Vattaro, helped by the inhabitants of Imer and Mezzano. Indeed, Segatta was not allowed to leave the church for more than 15 days a year.
  • Inside the church, it is particularly interesting a fresco by Rocco Naurizio of AD 1544, representing Jesus and four evangelists in the form of animals and very similar to the fresco in the St. James chapel (Cappella di San Giacomo) in Tonadico, as well as the frescoes of scenes from the life and martyrdom of St. George, attributed to Marco from Mèl (AD 1540).
  • Together with the churches of San Vittore, San Giovanni and Santa Romina, San Silvestro is one of the four edges of an almost perfect cross called “La Crosèra”. The cross, formed by two imaginary straight lines, was in the past a symbol of protection and devotion for the community of Primiero.

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