Church of Santa Romina

Chiesa Santa Romina
  • The church of Santa Romina, of which today you can only glimpse the ruins of the perimeter of the building and the altar with its squared base, is located between the shrine of St. Anthony and the peak of Mount Bedolé.
  • The ancient religious site is of particular interest for the history of Primiero; the documents date to 1515 the official end of any Eucharistic celebrations by order of the Bishop of Feltre, while the unofficial rites continued until 1782, when they were formally prohibited by another order of the Bishop, aware of the precarious condition of the building. The Community of Mezzano made a considerable effort, in order to preserve the site until the 19th century; however, due to the required effort and a relatively low interest on the site, the structure was abandoned for good in 1873, when the sacred furnishings were definitively transferred.
  • The church of Santa Romina, together with the churches of San Silvestro, San Giovanni and San Vittore, is one of the four vertices of an almost perfect cross called “La Crosèra”. The cross, formed by two imaginary lines, in the past was considered a symbol of protection and devotion for the entire Community of Primiero.