• Mezzano (640 m asl) is the only village in Primiero that still features a few working stables. Given its more rural nature and the traditionalist attitude of its inhabitants, if compared to the other villages in the valley, “Medàn” and the “Medaneschi” (i.e. its inhabitants) are ironically labeled as “30 ani indrìo” (30 years behind the others). 
  • There are several suppositions regarding the origin of Mezzano’s name, but it probably derives simply from the village’s median position in relation to the valley (Mediolanum, Mittelsdorf).
  • The history of Mezzano is one that is common to a little of all the towns in the Primiero Valley, which, over the centuries, passed under various ownerships (Scaligeri, Charles of Luxembourg, Carraresi, …) before passing, in 1401, to the Welsperg Counts, who ruled there for the next four centuries. Following the Restoration, Primiero was handed back to the Habsburg Empire, and towards the end of the century it was drastically affected by the migration phenomenon that pushed its populations overseas, in search of a better quality of life.
  • Mezzano claims its architectural identity intact thanks to its simplicity, in which old stone fountains inserted into irregular widenings, narrow streets fit for old farm vehicles and lush flower gardens offer visitors a special atmosphere. Over the years, the renovation of some architectural elements (Brolo, Civic Center, …) have combined the modern in continuity with the tradition. 
  • Characteristic buildings include the Casa degli Usseri, the Lisiera dei Còsneri, the Tabià del Rico, the Canton Grisón, the Arco dei Micieli, the Tabernacolo di San Giorgio, the Casa Còsner, the Casa Lotti and the Case brusade.
  • Mezzano hosts the original Carmine and Carmenin festival, linked to the worship of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The festival brings together religious traditions, stalls, food and games. Every year, on the Monday after the third Sunday in July, the historic center of Mezzano welcomes residents, tourists and the curious with the traditional challenge between the two cantons of Mezzano and the more famous “Palio dei Musati”, in which eight donkeys with their respective jockeys compete, representing the villages of Primiero, in a unique race through the streets of the village.