Càneva Mines

Caneva - Santa Barbara
  • At the edge of the village of Transacqua it is still possible to see the entrance of what were the last active mines in the Primiero Valley.
  • During the 15th and 16th centuries, the mineral resources of the valley – mainly iron and silver – were used by Austrian families mainly for commercial purposes.
  • After it was sold to the Welsperg family in 1572, the mine of Caneva remained active under the jurisdiction of the Austrian government until 1866. It was later used by a local bar (Bar Bellavista) until the middle of the last century to keep fresh goods.
  • There are two entrances that can still be observed along the path called “Trói de le Càore”, here the main one, and here the secondary entrance (in the forest).
  • In memory of the mining past of the slopes of Mount Padella, at the very beginning of the Trói de le Càore, there is a shrine dedicated to Santa Barbara, patron saint of miners.


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