• Pieve (722 m asl) is the historical part of Fiera di Primiero.
  • Pieve was once the residence of the bishop’s “Gastaldo” (administrator), who depended directly on the Bishop of Feltre
  • In 1792, Pieve was awarded by Leopold the 2nd of Austria the investiture of Feud of Pieve of Plebis Primoerii.
  • The following are some among the relevant buildings to see in Pieve: the Church of San Martino, in Romanesque style from the 11th century and valuable evidence of the first religious building in Pieve; the Vecchia Canonica, one of the most representative buildings of Primiero architecture dating from the 16th century, with valuable balcony, frescoes and wooden staircase; the Palazzo delle Miniere / Palazzo del Dazio, of late Gothic architecture with embrasures and cornices erected in the late medieval mining period, former seat of the magistrate in charge of mine control as well as tax office and now the site of numerous exhibitions and events; Casa Piazza, a 16th-century manor house; Casa of Luigi Negrelli, home of the noted engineer.
  • Separate mention should be made of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, surely one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Trentino, erected by the Canopi under the commission from the Welsperg Counts in the late 15th century; in 1995, following renovations, excavations on the floor revealed evidence of the presence of a large earlier Christian basilica dating from the 5th-6th centuries.