Rifugio Boz – Malga Nèva

Rifugio Boz
  • Located at the foot of the beautiful “Cadini” (tr. basins) of Nèva, the hut of Rifugio Boz is named after Bruno Boz, who tragically lost his life in the Nèva valley at the age of 36, falling down a grassy slope in October 1966.
  • Following the tragedy, the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) of Feltre undertook the mission of converting the shelter of Malga Nèva first to a bivouac and later as a Rifugio.
  • The site where the malga now stands was identified in the 1920s by the CAI of Feltre; however, the lack of funds and the complex legal nature of the Nèva valley (divided between two “Venetian” malgas of Finestra and Nevetta located on the orographic left of the stream of Val Fonda – historically owned by the Feltre family of Villabruna and later by the Episcopal Seminary of Feltre – and the “Austrian” malga on the right side, belonging to Primiero) made its construction rather complicated.
  • Malga Nèva and its elevated site, where the Rifugio is now located, was built on the initiative of Don Pompeo Bertolini, who obtained funds to reclaim the pastures of the Nèva valley.
  • In 1953 the malga was sold to the Municipality of Mezzano, which is still the owner of it and later decided to rent it free of charge to the CAI of Feltre. For the realization of the building there an extraordinary effort and financial solidarity was put into place: the Municipality of Mezzano provided the material and took on the financial burden for the restoration of the building (severely damaged by the 1966 flood); so did the Promoter Committee with the collaboration of the CAI of Feltre for the building the actual bivouac, inaugurated on July 26, 1970.


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