Rifugio Scarpa-Gurekian

Rifugio Scarpa
  • The Rifugio Scarpa-Gurekian at Malga Lòsch (Pala Group – Mountain range of Agnèr) is a CAI (Italian Alpine Club) Rifugio that stands on the eastern slopes of the Range of Mount Agnèr (Croda GrandaMount Agnèr, watershed between the San Lucano and Sarzana valleys), in a panoramic position open to the S towards the Mis and to the E towards Agordo, at 1,735 m asl.
  • The hut owes its name to Enrico Scarpa – original owner – and the engineer Ohannés Gurekian.
  • Driven by his enthusiasm for the mountains, after staying at the Hotel Venezia in Frassené, the Venetian artist Enrico Scarpa decided to build his studio on the hill of Colle Lòsch, at the base of Mount Agnèr. Thus, on September 12, 1912, the hut “Eremo Rèsele” was inaugurated, named after the artist’s daughter.
  • After the death of Enrico Scarpa in 1935, his daughter Rèsele opened the hut to hikers, converting it into a private Rifugio. The chairlift connection with Frassené for the 1956 Cortina d’Ampezzo Olympic Games preceded the handover to the CAI of Agordo (1961) and the subsequent substantial expansion of the building (1966-1967) by Ohannés Gurekian, an escapee from the Armenian genocide and a lover of Frassené territory. After Ohannés’s death in 1984, it was decided to officially include his name with the original name of the Rifugio.