• Sirór (765 m asl) is the northernmost town on the Primiero valley floor. The historical origin of the name of the village of Sirór is not clear; however, with a little bit of intuition, it is possible to combine the name of the town with its geographical position relative to the bottom of the Valley of Primiero (superiór: sirór).
  • The town has the typical features of a mountain village, with numerous frescoes depicting local legends and the activities of the past, in addition to the typical architectural structures linked to a place with a strong rural appeal, such as polygonal water pipes.
  • During Advent, just a few years after the opening of the one in Bolzano (Italy’s oldest), since 1993 Sirór has been hosting the oldest Christmas Market in Trentino.
  • The residents of Sirór bear the nickname of “slapazuche” (tr. pumpkins eaters). This nickname derives from the legend involving the inhabitants of another village: Transacqua. Legend said that the inhabitants of Transacqua bought a bell from Siror, which had to be repaid with a cart of pumpkins, never delivered to Sirór; since then the inhabitants of Transacqua became those who do not pay their debts and the inhabitants of Sirór those who eat pumpkins.