Villa Welsperg

Villa Welsperg
  • Villa Welsperg is located in the middle of the bottom of Val Canali, owned by Conti Welsperg since 1369.
  • Built in 1853 as a summer and hunting residence of the Welsperg family later became the headquarters of the “Ente Parco” of the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Nature Park, in 1996, the villa now hosts a modern and articulated visitor center, which has water and environment as main themes. The symbol of the visitor center is the freshwater shrimp, nowadays endangered but used to populate the area of Val Canali.
  • Surrounded by a nice garden, the center includes the villa, the church and the barn.
  • Inside the villa, there are four exhibition rooms, in which a journey in stages to discover the Park is developed.
  • Lake Welsperg is an artificial basin, built by the Welsperg family as an additional decoration of  the surroundings of the villa.

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