Ponte Tibetano

Pòit – Nagaón – Col – Fonteghi – Valpiana di sotto – Valpiana di sopra


Location Val Noana
Features Vette Feltrine, Pastures, Tibetan bridge
Track Condition Easy to follow mountain paths
Vertigo Level 1/5
Ground (Forest) 80%
Ground (Grass) 20%
Ground (Rock) -
Ground (Urban) -
Lenght 12.5 km
Duration 2h30
Elev Gain 569m
Elev Loss 569m
Max Elevation 1,246m
Min Elevation 1,232m
Car Park 46.147250, 11.846139





This is a hike that we recommend to be performed during the Winter season, since it offers the right mix of easy paths and beautiful landscapes across the pastures that can be extremely overwhelming with snow in the background. The loop starts from San Giovanni and develops in the lowest part of Val Noàna, crossing the stream on the bottom of Val Giasinòzza (a.k.a. Rio Giasinòzza) on a newly built Tibetan bridge. It is not a dangerous one, however the Tibetan bridge is approximately 30m high and 70m long.

From the starting location, the way to the bridge is entirely downhill. After leaving San Giovànni mountain cottages, the landscape becomes quite wild and offers the opportunity to feel completely timeless. So, this is definitely a loop advised for people who love the loneliness of a not crowded atmosphere. After crossing the river, the pastures of Còl appears and from that point on the paths cross a multitude of different pastures (i.e. Fònteghi, Val Piàna).




  • From San Giovanni, take the signpost No. 726 to Fonteghi
  • From Fonteghi, take the signpost No. 733 to Val Piana
  • From Val Piana, take the road to Val Piana di Sopra
  • From the church of Val Piana di Sopra, take the road to Fonteghi
  • Head back to the Tibetan bridge and then to the starting point. ✓