Signpost No. 709

Ritonda – Sorapiana – Pedemonte – Portèla


Location Val Canali
Features Forest, Dolomites
Track Condition Largely on wide roads, visible and marked
Vertigo Level 0/5
Terrain (Forest) 90%
Terrain (Grass) 5%
Terrain (Rock) -
Terrain (Urban) 5%
Length 9 km
Duration 2h 15
Elev Gain 441 m
Elev Loss 441 m
Max Elevation 1 651 m
Min Elevation 1 180 m
Car Park 46.217519, 11.876861



Wonderful and easy walk entirely developing in a forest landscape, starting and arriving at La Ritonda, in the Valley of Canali. Despite being easy and rather short, this hike will allow you to have the opportunity to admire few extremely interesting and scenic sights. In a couple of hours, this loop makes you visit one of the most suggestive and panoramic corners of the Valley of Canali, along the bottom of the well known peak of Sass Maor up to the location of Portèla, for then returning down to the starting point. For those looking for some peace, given the attraction of these places and the high number of visitors during the warm season, this route is highly recommended during late autumn and winter.

From the parking lot of by La Ritonda restaurant (1,180 m asl), take the paved road towards Prati Fosne, which climbs towards the meadows of Sorapiana, in a forest landscape which is particularly suggestive in the autumn season for its lively colors.

After about a couple of kilometers along the road, you come to a crossroads, located at an altitude of about 1,337 meters, where you take the gravel road of the Signpost No. 719, on the right, heading north. Follow the forest road for a couple of kilometers, getting closer and closer to the majestic walls of the Pale di San Martino that can be seen from the natural amphitheater of Val Pradidali. After a short while, the climb becomes more gentle until it reaches the base of the east face of Sass Maor, famous for its climbing routes, in the midst of scree and mugo pine trees.

The Signpost No. 719 will lead you directly to the location of Portèla (also known as Pedemonte). From Portèla, you can admire a breathtaking panorama of the southern section of the Pale di San Martino mountain range.

The final stretch of the walk descends towards the valley along the Signpost No. 709, which connects the hut of Rifugio Pradidali with the bottom of the Valley of Canali; in a short time you reach the crossroads for Malga Pradidali, famous for its fresh water springs. With a slight deviation of about 15 minutes from the suggested trail,  you can go up to the hut and have a look at the remains of Malga Pradidali, now devoured by vegetation and made even poorer by neglect (still worth visiting!). From the crossroads, by continuing along the wide path, in approximately twenty minutes you will be able to return to the starting point.




  • From the location of Sabbionade / Ritonda (1,180 m asl), take the paved road towards Prati Fosne,
  • Once getting at the location of Sorapiana, continue along the paved road until reaching the crossroads with the Signpost No. 719,
  • Take the gravel road of the Signpost No. 719, going up the hill towards Pedemonte/Rifugio Pradidali,
  • Keep following the Signpost No. 719, until reaching Pedemonte (Portèla),
  • From Pedemonte (1,627 m asl), take the Signpost No. 709, descending to the bottom of Val Canali,
  • Follow the Signpost No. 709 until getting back to the starting point. ✓