Rónco Chiesa – Rónco Busini – Fòsse – Pugnài


Location Ronco Chiesa, Vanoi
Features Architectures, history
Track condition Visible
Vertigo Level 0/5
Ground (Forest) 30%
Ground (Grass) -
Ground (Rock) -
Ground (Urban) 70%
Length 4.3 km
Duration 0h 45
Elev Gain 240m
Elev Loss 240m
Max Elevation 983m
Min Elevation 814m
Car Park 46.141519, 11.713920





This walk, also known as Giro dei Colmèi, is ideal for those wishing to take an easy walk to discover the many settlements that make up the village of Rónco (Colmèi). The Colmèi are connected one to another by paths and mule tracks. In a rather unknown corner of the Vanòi Valley, outside the main tourist routes, the loop proposed crosses the inhabited areas that can be observed going up the road leading to Passo Brocón.

The walk starts from the tiny village of Ronco Chiesa. By the village’ church, it is possible to start following the signs that allow you to safely follow the path, allowing you to enjoy the rural places and the silence of this remote corner of the Vanoi Valley. After an initial gentle climb, leaving Ronco Chiesa behind and crossing the provincial road, the group of houses belonging to Nicolodi is soon reached. From the hamlet it is possible to have a nice overview on the eastern side of the Vanoi Valley, with the towns of Canàl San Bòvo, Zortèa and Práde.

Keeping the path that crosses a small section of forest, ​​you will soon get to Ronco Busini, which has large pastures laying between few traditional cottages.

From this point, the path enters the forest again and continues along a paved path, passing first the hamlets of Gàsperi and Fòsse. From Fòsse, the walk gently returns to Ronco Chiesa, crossing the hamlets of Pugnài and Gasparòi in a rapid succession.

The Parish Church, located in Ronco Chiesa and recently restored, was erected in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Monte di Vicenza.




  • From Ronco Chiesa, simply follow the signpost indicating “Intorno par i Colmei de Ronc”. ✓


Facts and Stories


  • Every summer, in August, the traditional Giro dei Colmei takes place, along the walk that has been presented here. The event offers participants to take part of the loop around the hamlets while tasting food and wine.
  • Clearly of peasant origin, Rónco and its hamlets suffered between 1874 and 1940 a remarkable demographic decrease, due to the migratory waves that involved the poorest social classes of northern Italy looking for a better future in Latin America and specifically in Brazil.
  • Ronco Cainari is the only hamlet in Vanoi Valley not belonging to the municipality of Canal San Bovo. The reasons for such a bizarre borders definition, can be found in a sort of “first come, first served” competition. The representatives of the municipalities of Castel Tesino and Canal San Bovo reached an agreement: the ones coming down from the mountain, the others climbing up, would set the borders where they would have met. The story tells that the farmers of Canal San Bovo stopped playing cards (or “morra“, depending on the version) in a bar in Ronco, giving extra time to their opponents. When they then decided to start their climb again, they met the representatives of Castel Tesino right by the Church of “Natività di Maria”. The border was therefore defined on a valley which, since then, was called Valle delle Partite (tr. the valley of the match).


See Also





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