Sagrón – Forcella dell’Omo – Malga Errèra – Piani Eterni – Campotorondo – Vallàlta


Location Sagron Mis
Features Cimonega, pastures
Track condition Visible, but be careful and follow the signs
Vertigo Level 2/5
Terrain (Forest) 60%
Terrain (Grass) 35%
Terrain (Rock) 5%
Terrain (Urban) -
Length 17.8 km
Duration 7h
Elev Gain 1,555m
Elev Loss 1,555m
Max Elevation 1,990m
Min Elevation 1,028m
Car Park 46.192860, 11.946322





This unusual and spectacular trek will take you from the Mis Valley, at the bottom of Cimonega Dolomites, right into one of the most beautiful places in the middle of the national park of the Dolomites of Belluno: Piani Eterni. Piani Eterni is a location that is typically reached from Val di Stúa, in the Province of Belluno, for one of the most classic summer hike.

The trekking starts from Pante di Sagrón (a hamlet belonging to Sagron Mis). After following downhill the asphalt road for few hundred meters, take a gravel road on the right side going towards Forcella dell’Omo saddle (a.k.a. Forzèla del’Òm). Further on, the trail becomes less visible, and after passing through, it climbs along the Val Mandrisset. The climb is physically demanding, since it covers about 1,000 m of ascent, leading you directly to the saddle. The signs of the path are visible, but it is recommended to carefully follow them. The climb on the bottom of the valley is the hardest segment of this hike. Although it does not present particularly demanding or exposed stretches, we do not recommend it to inexperienced hikers. With the closed look at the Piz de Sagrón (belonging to the Cimonega Dolomites group), once the vegetation is scarce, the trail becomes simply spectacular.

Once getting at the Forcella dell’Omo saddle, keep in mind that the hardest stretch of the trek is gone. From Forcella dell’Omo, take the Signpost No. 851 on your left-hand side and climb few meters more until getting to the next saddle, from which a valley (Laghetti) opens up. At this point, the scenery radically changes, offering the typical soil of the karst, with soft soil, pastures and limestone rocks.

Gently descend by following the path along the pastures and streams of Laghetti towards Malga Errèra, visible in the background.

From Malga Errèra it is possible to have a nice overview over the vast karst plateau of Piani Eterni; a place of rare peace and beauty, which strikes from the first glance due to the extensive surfaces of gray limestone. Going towards the direction of California/Campotorondo, you will follow a mule track marked as Signpost No. 802 until getting to the hamlet known as Casera Campotorondo (1,708 m a.s.l.). The hamlet is now used as a bivouac and stands in a beautiful spot, offering a breathtaking overview with the Busa del Toro on the background.

From the Campotorondo hamlet, following the Signpost No. 802, a 5 km long descent begins. The mule track will take you to a location known as California (belonging to the Municipality of Gosáldo). It is recommended to be careful while walking down the hill because the path, although wide and not technically difficult, is wet and in some places slippery.

Once getting to a bunch of houses called Sált (Gosaldo, Belluno), take a path on the left that goes through the old gold and mercury mines of the Mis Valley. The path crosses several ruins of old houses and abandoned pastures. Although the path has recently been improved, the signs are not chrystal clear, so we recommend to be careful and follow any sign pointing to Vallalta/Sagron. The path is also indicated as the “Montagna Dimenticata” (tr. forgotten mountain). The path leads to Vallàlta, leaving the Province of Belluno behind and approaching the Province of Trentino. The path then merges into the asphalt road leading to the Marcói, Casère and then Pante di Sagrón.

Once arrived, we also suggest to check yourself for ticks; Piani Eterni is known for the presence in the wide pastures of ticks, nothing dangerous, but a double check never hurts!




  • From Pante di Sagron, descend by following the asphalt road until reaching the sign pointing to Forcella dell’Omo,
  • Follow the track in the forest throughout Val delle Móneghe and get into the valley called Val Mandrisset until the saddle called Forcella dell’Omo (1,946 m a.s.l.),
  • From Forcella dell’Omo, follow the Signpost No. 851 on your left hand side and climb shortly until reaching the next saddle (1,995 m a.s.l.),
  • Descend along the pastures of Fosso di Brandòi until reaching the hamlet of Malga Errèra (1708 m a.s.l.),
  • From Malga Errèra, follow the mule track, Signpost No. 802, towards Califòrnia/Campotorondo,
  • Get to Passo Pélse pass (1,847 m a.s.l.), then keep following the Signpost No. 802 until reaching the hamlet of Casèra Campotorondo,
  • Right 150 m before the hamlet of Campotorondo, keep following the Signpost No. 802 which, while descending, becomes less visible while entering the forest,
  • Keep following the Signpost No. 802 for approximately 5 km until getting to 780m a.s.l., in i Sált of Gosaldo,
  • From Sált, get into the path on your left side towards Vallálta/Sagrón, marked also as “Sentiero della Montagna Dimenticata“,
  • Get to Vallálta passing through the old mines of the Mis Valley and then continue towards Sagrón,
  • The end of the path merges into an asphalt road, keep following it until getting back to Pante di Sagrón. ✓