San Giovanni church

San Giovanni – Falasórni


Location San Giovanni
Features San Giovanni, Vette Feltrine
Track Condition Well marked
Vertigo Level 1/5
Ground (Forest) 70%
Ground (Grass) 10%
Ground (Rock) -
Ground (Urban) 20%
Lenght 4.4km
Duration 1h30
Elev Gain 215m
Elev Loss 215m
Max Elevation 1,318m
Min Elevation 1,153m
Car Park 46.148056, 11.843806



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This hike is an easy and well marked loop around San Giovanni. It offers a beautiful sightseeing of Vette Feltrine and San Giovanni itself. The path leading to the top of Cordogné (1,313m a.s.l.) has been recently renovated.

The proposed walk starts from Póit. From the road that connects Mezzano to San Giovanni (called Copèra), take the path leading to Cordognè. Along the path, you will be constantly facing the Vette Feltrine mountains range and Prati San Giovanni right below.

Once arrived in San Giovanni, you will be able to see the small church, historically and culturally relevant. Named after St. John the Baptist (i.e. San Giovanni), the church was built by the Scopoli family at the beginning of the XVI century. It was then donated two centuries later to the Municipality of Mezzano. Subsequently, the church was completely restored and today it offers a fresco in its main facade depicting the Madonna with Child, by the local artist Riccardo Schweizer, when he was just 11 years old.




  • From Mezzano, right before reaching Póit and San Giovanni pastures, take the path on your right hand side that follows the ridge of Cordognè hill,
  • Keep following the path, entirely in the forest,
  • Once reached the top of Cordognè (1,313 m a.s.l.), keep walking along the path heading towards Falasorni,
  • From Falasorni, follow the Signpost No. E728 towards San Giovanni,
  • From San Giovanni pastures, head back to the starting point by simply following the asphalt road. ✓




  • The loops offers plenty of variants, especially on its north-western part, where plenty of pastures can be crossed maintaining more or less the same altitude (e.g. Póit, Colnài, Inéri). As a matter of fact, San Giovanni is located about fifty meters below Caltèna.




  • The little church of “San Giovanni ai Prati Liendri” – St. John – dates back to the early sixteenth century. The church was built by the Scopoli family, notaries from the Fiemme Valley.
  • The church was used in the early days by charcoal burners and peasants, who were used to spend their working seasons at altitude, by the pastures of San Giovanni and Caltena.
  • In the eighteenth century, the church was donated to the Community of Mezzano, which still celebrates (on June 24) the feast of St. John the Baptist and the Evangelist, to whom the church is dedicated.
  • Together with the churches of San Vittore, San Silvestro and Santa Romina, the church of San Giovanni is one of the four edges of an almost perfect cross called “La Crosèra”. The cross, formed by two imaginary straight lines, was in the past a symbol of protection and devotion for the community of Primiero.
  • The church of San Giovanni is normally closed to the public, but it is possible to visit it by asking the sexton of Mezzano for a visit.