View from Cenguei

Transacqua – Caltena – Sasso Padella – Pale Alte – Cenguei – Val Uneda


Location Transacqua
Features Primiero Valley, Pastures
Track Condition From Sasso Padella peak, the path is not that visible in some parts
Vertigo Level 3/5
Ground (Forest) 40%
Ground (Grass) 10%
Ground (Rock) -
Ground (Urban) 50%
Lenght 16km
Duration 6h
Elev Gain 1,195m
Elev Loss 1,195m
Max Elevation 1,748m
Min Elevation 750m
Car Park 46.172278, 11.833778



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Sasso Padella might not well be one of the most popular peaks, since it is not that high and frankly quite ugly when seen from the bottom of Primiero Valley. However, you could get surprised once reached the top of it. This loop passes through some really nice mountain pastures that definitely deserve to be seen (i.e. Le Vale, Caltena, Cenguei and Stiozze). The hike includes a significant portion of roads.




  • From Transacqua, follow the asphalt road leading to Rifugio Caltena
  • From Rifugio Caltena, follow the signpost No. 744 to Col Guiòn (1,527m a.s.l.) and then to Sasso Padella (1,748m a.s.l.). This path has been completely renewed
  • Keep following the signpost No. 744 all the way down to Valtegnarìch
  • From Valtegnarìch, follow the signpost No. 723 (road) to Transacqua/Fiera di Primiero
  • Right before approaching the village, turn left and follow the path called Sentiero delle Càore ✓