Vallombrosa – Sirór – Tonadico


Location Sirór, Tonadìco
Features Children's playground, Mountain villages
Track Condition Urban
Vertigo Level 0/5
Ground (Forest) -
Ground (Grass) -
Ground (Rock) -
Ground (Urban) 100%
Length 3.9 km
Duration 1h30
Elev Gain 57 m
Elev Loss 57 m
Max Elevation 781 m
Min Elevation 730 m
Car Park 46.1797277, 11.8291698





This walk is part of “I Percorsi del Benessere” (tr. the wellness routes), drawing a track that, starting from the northern end of the village of Fiera di Primiero, passes by the villages of Tonadìco and Sirór, in one of the flatter areas of the northern part of the Primiero Valley.

The route starts from the car park near the park of Vallombrosa, in Fiera di Primiero, following the pedestrian road to the north that runs along the Cismón torrent, crossing the torrent in the proximity of Sirór and then reaching the park of Molìn, located in Sirór, once passing under the bridge of the main road SS50 that connects Sirór with the hamlet of Nolésca.

From the park, the walk proceeds on a short uphill stretch, which begins east of the park and leads to the upper part of the village of Sirór, close to the slope. After a stretch on a cycle path, the tour continues along the road of Via Caspeda, reaching the crossroads with the one that leads to Petina, where there is a water pipe. From the crossroads, the route continues in the same direction, along the road of Via Civerza (also called “Campagna Alta”). In this section, the route offers a beautiful view to the south over the entire upper Primiero Valley and the mountain range of Vette Feltrine, to the east on the Pale Alte mountain group and to the west on the mount named Bedolé.

Before reaching the center of the village of Tonadico, after the first farms, the route goes down along Via Rioni, on the right, to then continue along Via San Giacomo, on the left, towards the center of the village. The last stretch of the walk develops along Via Cesare Fuganti, which from Via San Giacomo leads to the kindergarten of Tonadico. The road proceeds slightly downhill towards the lower part of the farmland, merging into Via Sass Maór. After descending for about 300 meters along Via Sass Maór, the walk reaches the junction with the main road (SS50). After crossing the main road, the track follows the direction of Via Sass Maór along a pedestrian path that leads directly to the left bank of the Cismón torrent, a few meters away from the starting point, which is reachable by simply crossing the pedestrian bridge.




  • The historical origin of the name of the village of Sirór is not clear; however, with a little bit of intuition, it is possible to combine the name of the town with its geographical position relative to the bottom of the Valley of Primiero (superiór: sirór).
  • The town has the typical features of a mountain village, with numerous frescoes depicting local legends and the activities of the past, in addition to the typical architectural structures linked to a place with a strong rural appeal, such as polygonal water pipes.
  • The residents of Sirór bear the nickname of “slapazuche” (tr. pumpkins eaters). This nickname derives from the legend involving the inhabitants of another village: Transacqua. Legend said that the inhabitants of Transacqua bought a bell from Siror, which had to be repaid with a cart of pumpkins, never delivered to Sirór; since then the inhabitants of Transacqua became those who do not pay their debts and the inhabitants of Sirór those who eat pumpkins.